Educational Project in Moscow for Orphaned Teenagers

We have funded an unforgettable experience in Moscow for teenagers from regional orphanages, organised by Here & Now charity. 

Life in an orphanage in the Saratov or Kirov Oblast can be socially and culturally isolating, with the future constantly in doubt.

ArtSocial Foundation funded a special, 3-day experiential trip to Moscow for 15 teenage boys and girls from two orphanages in Saratov and Kirov regions of Russia, organised by the Moscow-based charity Here & Now.

For most, it was their first trip to a big city.

"I would like to thank you for the days we spent in Moscow. I really enjoyed my time there. Now I know what this city is like and how big it is. – Denis K, participant

We went to Moscow and lived in a hostel on February 21-23. I would like to say a huge thank you for such an interesting programme! Everything was great. I especially enjoyed the experience in a labyrinth and the medieval fight classes. Thank you once again for such an interesting programme. – Dima G, participant

Our goal was to promote the teenagers’ social integration, to give them ideas and open their horizons, inspiring them towards possible future careers they may never have considered before. Exploring the highlights of the capital was an unforgettable experience for them.

 “There were moments when we got a little tired, but I loved everything! I became less shy than I was before. I loved the gifts and it was so pleasant when we were told how good and intelligent we were! Thank you to our cook Lesha for delicious breakfasts and dinners. I would like to thank sponsors and organisers of this event. – Alina, participant

I liked the trip to Moscow so much. I enjoyed being an apprentice to the cook Lesha. I also liked the visit to the beauty salon and learnt a lot throughout, which was very useful for me, and it was good to meet Dasha the photographer. I liked everything! Thank you to everyone involved, it was fun and very interesting. – Lyuba, participant