Theatre Studio Helping People with Mental Health Challenges

We support the Integrated Theatre Company Kroog II in helping children and adults with special needs acquire critical life skills.

This Moscow-based theatre company is a unique non-profit organisation supporting children and adults with physical and learning impairments, their families and anyone interested in drama, through creative expression of theatre art.

Integration is our way of life. In my studio, the actors create an inclusive social and cultural environment open to everyone. Each and every one has an opportunity for personal growth.” – Andrey Afonin, Director, Kroog II

The studio’s work includes a broad range of activities, including dance, improvisation, yoga, acting, stage coaching and voice training, as well as masterclasses for parents, theatre directors, tutors, and teachers working with families raising children with special needs.

Our goal is not only to aid the rehabilitation process. We aim to achieve long-term positive outcomes for the future of our students, so that they can pursue their artistic goals and become professional artists whose work is valued and appreciated.’ – Irina Osipova, Executive Director, Kroog II

ArtSocial Foundation has provided funding to Kroog II since November 2016 and plans to continue until at least February 2018, to ensure its pioneering work continues to help students learn not only how to master the acting profession, but to develop skills and qualities to become independent, self-sufficient, sociable and fulfilled individuals.

The Kroog II theatre company was established in 1997 and has won multiple theatre awards for the exceptional standard of its productions. In 2014 its play Distant Closeness received the prestigious Golden Mask national theatre award. The company regularly tours in Russia and Europe and takes part in acclaimed national and international theatre festivals.

Kroog II is a place which gives special children an occupation and purpose in life. I am very grateful to Kroog II for this opportunity.” – Galina Skokolenko, mother of Ilya, a Kroog II Studio student

We like it here very much. For my son Vova it is a place where he can express himself. Vova knows that he is appreciated here.” – Olga Titova, mother of Vova, a Kroog II Studio student