Art and Drama Therapy for Adopted Children and Parents

We support the programme of Here & Now charity for adopted children and families to help them to overcome trauma through creative expression.

 Children who have undergone traumatic experiences need help and rehabilitation.

 It is vital that they rediscover their emotional balance, self-esteem, and find ways to establish connections with their peers and families.

 Here & Now, a Moscow-based charity, works with newly adopted children and their families to provide art and drama therapy. Through enriching children’s lives with art, they are better able to understand their own feelings and problems, learning how to express themselves and creating meaningful relationships.

 ArtSocial Foundation funds weekly art workshops in the studio and monthly drama therapy sessions in the theatre, led by professional art therapists, for 35 children and 40 adoptive parents. The goal is to provide support for both children and parents at this crucial time in their family life.

A project like this is vital for children. My son Arthur began to participate more often, although at first he was too shy and was only able to observe. Thanks to his tutor and his method of engaging with children through ‘theatre games’, Arthur became more active. He enjoys making friends and socialising with other teenagers, and being the leader of the group. As a mother I only hope this project continues in the future, as I see the great benefit it has been to my son.

– Mother of Arthur, Drama Therapy Student