Tate's Schools and Teachers Programme


We are helping Tate deliver its UK-wide Schools and Teachers programme.

Tate Modern and Tate Britain are world-famous institutions in the heart of London, with a key role in supporting engagement with British and international contemporary art.

The Schools and Teachers programme allows students from different economic and social backgrounds, ages and physical abilities to experience being with and learning through art.

Tate invites school pupils and teachers to try out new ideas and creative processes at their artist-led workshops. They host 282 gallery-based workshops a year, reaching 4,480 children.

“The pupils have truly enjoyed the experience. The workshop gave them the opportunity to explore the art works and art making in the gallery space. Many have never been outside of the area where they live.” – Teacher, Pupil Referral Unit 

ArtSocial Foundation is happily supporting this programme that promotes children’s development and understanding, learning about themselves and others through interaction with art.

“It’s a chance to be with an artist, frees them from ‘the classroom’, removes barriers and makes art more accessible.” – Teacher, on an Artist-led Workshop

Tate's Education specialists also show teachers how they can further enhance children's learning through art in their classroom practices, and how to stimulate pupils to explore and appreciate art on their own.

By engaging a diverse audience from UK schools, Tate encourages people to explore their visual heritage and strengthen their understanding of the values and insights of their predecessors and peers, leading to a greater understanding of their own capacities and identity.