ArtSocial Foundation commits to fund another year of music therapy for more than 18 children with special needs for students at Otakar Kraus Music School in Twickenham

We are happy to announce that this academic year we continue to support Twickenham-based charity Otakar Kraus Music Trust and Music School that provides music therapy for children with special needs.

Since April 2017, ArtSocial Foundation has provided funding for 10 children who were on the waiting list to receive music therapy sessions at the Otakar Kraus Music School. Our funding has also enabled the school to train a new music therapist, allowing for more sessions to take place.

Having seen the great progress the children have been able to make over the last year with the therapy they’ve received, ArtSocial Foundation is continuing to support the charity, donating a further £18,920. With this funding, these children will be able to continue their music therapy for another year and continue learning and developing their communication and motor skills. On top of that it allows 8 more children with special needs to begin weekly music therapy classes.

This grant was made possible thanks to the funds we raised at the ArtSocial Foundation Christmas Gala 2017. We would like to thank our Gala guests and auction lot winners, whose support helped us to use the power of art to make a difference to the lives of others.