We help young people living with long-term health conditions to explore their identity and key issues surrounding their diagnosis

From April 2019, we joined forces with Imperial Health Charity and St. Mary’s hospital to provide young people living with long-term health conditions with a positive space to address the issues surrounding their diagnosis through art.

The Looking Forward Days launched in August 2018 at St Mary’s hospital.Taking place three times a year, patients and clinical staff at St Mary’s were invited to visit some of London’s most exciting art galleries. During bespoke art workshops at various venues, patients used art and photography to explore different aspects of their conditions – from sexual health to self-perception and stigma. 

ArtSocial Foundation understands the significance of art activities for vulnerable and isolated young people. In the next 12 months the foundation has committed to fund three more Looking Forward Days for young patients long-term health conditions and to extend the project to a new group of patients with sickle cell disease. 

Luciana Sakellariou