Excited to Share the Charity Projects' Results for 2017/18 Academic Year.

Art Night London & Vital Arts

Introducing children of East and South London to Contemporary Art

We funded a series of 11 contemporary art workshops specially developed and delivered by artist educator Sam Ayre.

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- 6 workshops were delivered for children in the Paediatric department of Royal London Hospital, in partnership with Vital Arts - an art charity of the hospital.

- 5 workshops took place in 3 South London schools and 107 students aged 8-10 years participated.

- The children involved in the South London project recorded a song and staged a performance as part of the Art Night London 2018 festival in July.

- 95% of the children expressed the desire to participate in a such a project again.

- 53% of participating children come from families living on unemployment benefits and would not otherwise engage with the arts.

- The children were introduced to new ideas and techniques, including working with gouache paints, blending colours, thinking about their relationship with the city and nature, equal rights and more.

« Students who earlier in the week were quiet and unengaged were actively taking part and engaged in all of the tasks. This was great to see» 

-Teacher, The RLH school

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Children & the Arts Charity National Start Programme

Engaging pupils with top contemporary art

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- We co-funded a year-long engagement with art for 302 pupils from 6 schools in South London.

- The schools are in areas with low arts engagement.

- Each school enjoyed a series of 3 to 4 in-class workshops and 1 visit to a South London Gallery.

- All activities were developed and delivered by artists educators in collaboration with teachers.

- The teachers received training on how to incorporate arts into the academic curriculum.

- One group of participants are children with special educational needs.

- The end of year was celebrated with an exhibition of children’s art works at South London Gallery. The exhibition was attended by the children’s parents and siblings and was a great family activity.

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V&A Museum Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Programme

Delivering multi-sensory museum experience for children with special educational needs and disabilities

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- Thanks to our funding 160 students aged 6-16 years from 8 schools explored one of the nation’s largest art collections through multi-sensory interactive sessions.

- The sessions are specifically developed for children with special educational needs . They encourage exploration using a V&A resource box containing a wide range of hands-on objects: musical instruments, fabric, masks, dressing-up clothes, scents and IPads.

- In 2017/18 academic year a total of 9 sessions were delivered.

- 4 sessions took place in the V&A Museum providing an opportunity for the children to visit the famous museum building.

- 3 sessions took place in schools and were delivered by the V&A education specialists.

-The V&A Museum has an open call for the schools to register for the programme.

“The children loved visiting the museum! A great experience overall, the staff were really prepared for the needs of the children.”

- Participating Teacher

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Our Children (Дети Наши) Charity ‘Into the Big World’ Programme

Providing Arts and Creative Activities for Children in Safopnovo and Shatalovo Orphanages in Russia


- We have funded 1,804 hours of after-school creative activities for children living in 2 Russian Orphanages.

- The children had access to 4 after-school clubs: Dance, Drama, Marquetry and Animation.

- In total 119 children attended aged 5 to 17-years-old throughout the academic year.

- The children are excluded from other mainstream after-school activities, due to the long distance between the orphanages and the city.

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Otakar Kraus Music School for Children with Special Needs

Providing Regular Music Therapy for Children with Special Needs in Twickenham

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- Since Spring 2016 we have been funding a provision of music therapy for 8 children with special educational needs and disabilities.

- Our funding allowed the music school to recruit and train a new music therapist who took on children who have been on a waiting list due to a limited capacity of the school.

- The children have different conditions ranging from severe autism to Down syndrome and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

- We are continuing to work with the school on a long-term basis and provided them with another grant in spring 2017 that will allow even more children to access the therapy.

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Integrated Theatre Company and Studio ‘Kroog II’ In Moscow

Providing drama therapy and occupation to children and adults with special needs and mental disabilities


- Since 2017 we have been supporting Kroog II and assisted its organisational growth and development..

- Through drama, dance and art-making, Kroog II provides opportunities for people with complex health conditions to express themselves, learn essential skills and find a calling in life and even an occupation.

- In 2017 we have funded the recruitment and salary of a professional theatre producer and manager who has significantly increased the capacity, productivity and sustainability of the organisation.

- By Summer 2018 Kroog II was able to self-fund the producer’s salary thanks to the increased income.

- In July 2018 we provided another grant to fund the recruitment and 6 months salary of a fundraising director and a manager of a crafts studio - a new social enterprise sub-project of Kroog II.

- Kroog II stages regular plays and concerts, takes part in professional theatre festivals with a mission to de-stigmatise the position of people with mental health disorders.

- Thanks to its increased administrative capacity in 2017 Kroog II launched a ‘School of Special Theatre’ for special educational needs specialists from across Russia.

- Kroog II also runs a “Parents’School”and provides a practical support to parents of children and adults with special educational needs and disabilities.

- In Autumn 2017 Kroog II celebrated its 20th anniversary.

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Tate’ Schools and Teachers Programme

Opening up the world-famous museum to children from area with low arts engagement

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- In September 2017 we provided a grant to Tate galleries to assist in the delivery of its schools engagement and teachers training programme.

- Thanks to this programme students of different economic and social backgrounds, ages and physical abilities access the galleries and experience being with and learning through art.

- Tate is hosting 282 gallery-based workshops a year, reaching 4,480 children.

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